Fake C4 bomb

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Will you be able to disarm this device? The question is not about cutting the right wire, but rather how you’re going to do it…

CR123A batteries not included

IMPORTANT: The system recognizes the number of cables connected at startup so you can make the game more or less complicated by connecting more or fewer cables at the start (minimum 1 cable, maximum 6 cables). 

The product comes with 6 cables. You have the option to choose a pack containing replacement cables or simply find cables and strip them yourself.

To disarm the device, simply cut the cables!

This C4 bomb is innovative because of its unique gameplay, as unlike other systems, it’s not about locating the right cable among those connected. 
There is no right or wrong cable, and cutting the wrong cable by “chance” can end the game (100% frustration + game over = NOT COOL!). 

The principle here is to cut ALL the connected cables, they all must be cut to disarm the device.
The real question is: HOW should they be cut? There is no order to cut them, but there is a flashing light (blue in the picture) that randomly turns from red to green.
If the player cuts a cable when the light is green, they can continue. If the player cuts it when the light is red, it will trigger undesired and random effects (half time, one-third time, 1 minute remaining, defective buzzer or one that stops, defective display, defective light indicator, etc.). 

As you may have guessed, the game’s outcome will depend on the last cable: Either the player cuts in the GREEN and disarms the system, or they cut in the RED and make the C4 “explode” (continuous sound and fixed LED indicator in red).

Why bother applying to cut the C4 cables?

The optionnal functions

Internal Battery 12V

The C4 includes an internal battery allowing it to function without a CR123A battery in the front.
This option adds a charging port, a 220V-12V converter for recharging, as well as a key switch to turn the device on/off. The key can be removed once the system is armed, which also allows for a second way to disarm the device. 

The battery option reduces the possibility of cheating, or simply having a battery die if the object were to fall.

Motion sensor

The C4 incorporates a motion sensor that can be activated or deactivated based on your scenario needs.
The motion sensor prevents disarming of the C4 bomb when it is moved. With every movement, the bomb is locked, the red LED appears, and if a wire is cut within 15s, the unwanted effect is inevitable. Additionally, if motion is detected, the countdown is accelerated during those 15 seconds.

Video Presentation (Old model)


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Câble de rechange

+300 Cables, +60 Cables, no spare cable

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