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MedSys is an innovative system that allows for a true immersion in the role of a Medic.

ATTENTION: The MedSys requires a rechargeable battery of 3.7V (4.2V when charged) to function properly. If you use a non-rechargeable battery (3V), the product may not work properly due to the low power supply.

General Explanations

When a player is on the ground, the medic approaches and presses the button on their device, which will perform a medical examination of the patient. After a short analysis time (approximately 5-10 seconds), you will see on the screen:

Patient analysis

The patient is suffering from massive hemorrhage.

Time for care

A countdown corresponding to the application of the treatment.

Visual representation

Small representative icons of care and a location of the limb to be treated.


A care procedure that could be implemented for MilSim teams.

Are you more of a MilSim than a classic gamer?!

Game Type MedSys Settings

No problem! This product is intended for both dominant parties and MilSim scenarios: it’s up to you to define your rules and settings before the start of the day.

The proposed cares

From the settings menu, you will be able to enable mortality. By enabling this option, you will also be able to set a percentage of the risk of dying during treatment of serious injuries, such as:

The MedSys settings

You will be able to modify the following 5 settings.

Storing your settings

The module saves your game options, which means that for the organizers, once the settings are saved, you won’t have to re-adjust the device every time you turn it on. Even when you charge your batteries, the module will keep your data.

Examples of settings

Classic game

30 seconds of systematic respawn time with no risk of death.

The care will be randomly assigned every 30 seconds, so consistently equal to 30 seconds.


A care time of 5 to 10 minutes with a risk of death of 15% for severe injuries.

In case of death: Depending on the rules established at the beginning of the game, either the player is OUT DEF, or they return to their spawn and continue playing…

They talk about it in video

Note: In order to maintain a proper battery level, do not store your accessory with the battery inserted.

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Croix Médecin 1

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