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Conquest terminals allow gameplay with up to three teams.
The objective of the game is to capture as many terminals as possible and change them to your team’s color (RED, BLUE, or GREEN).
The team that possesses the largest number of terminals at the end of the game wins the match.

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General Explanations

The conquest terminals allow a game with up to three teams. The objective of the game is to convert a maximum of terminals to the color of your team (RED, BLUE or even GREEN). The team that possesses the greatest number of terminals at the end of the game wins the match.

Conquete Airsoft Paintball

To convert a base, simply press the center button for the length of time specified at the beginning of the game (see below “Capture Time”). After a predetermined amount of time (see below “Team Timer”), the base will freeze and cannot be converted anymore. For example: If the time parameter is set to 1 hour, one team will have to hold the base for 1 hour (cumulatively, not necessarily defending the point for an entire hour).

NOTE: The emptier a meter gets, the faster the corresponding terminal will blink.
The game ends when all terminals have been converted, and the team with the most terminals wins.
The larger the field, the more possibilities for play: the more terminals, the more fun!


The Settings

The number of teams

Team time

Capture time

Video Explanation

Professional game variant

By holding down the button during the battery insertion, you will be able to start a variant of the first game. Instead of setting a time counter per team, you will set a general time counter, allowing you to define a maximum playing time. In the first variant, if you set the time counter to 30 minutes, the playing time can reach 29 minutes + 30 minutes if only one capture takes place at the last moment. For example, the red team captures the point, holds it for 29 minutes, and the blue team recaptures it at the last moment. As the red team fails to recapture the conquest marker, it freezes half an hour later. The total playing time is approximately an hour but could have been half an hour… Complicated to manage for a professional who rents by the hour!

The settings for the Pro variant

The number of teams


Capture time

Additional information

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2x Rechargeable CR123A batteries (3.7V) NOT INCLUDED

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