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Dosimetre radioactivité airsoft post apo

General explanations

Simulates radioactive decays

Crackling of disintegration like a Geiger counter depending on the level of radiation suffered: the more the game progresses, the more disintegrations there are.

3 Flash Colors

Bright flash emitted every 5s indicating the status of the player/group:

• Green: OK
• Orange: Caution
• Red: Critical

Keep control

Possibility by pressing the push button to question the device to know its status: LED lighting for 3 seconds

This dosimeter, attached to the outfit or worn as a pendant, can be used by a player or a group of players. It simulates the level of radiation experienced by players entering a radiated area.

Through an audible and visual signal, the player knows their level of radiation at all times.

The operation of the product has evolved since the creation of this media, this video presents an old version.


GIF Dosimètre

You will be able to modify the maximum survival time by adding one-minute increments.

The actual game time before lethal dose will be randomly generated, ranging from half of the set time to the set time.

For example: For a time setting of 3 minutes

The playing time will therefore be randomly drawn between these 2 values

Possibility to cut off sound and/or visual signals through the 2 red switches allowing the player to cross a zone in silence. However, be careful not to abuse this function given that the operator’s death is announced by these same signals.

Memory of your settings

The module records your game options which means for the organizers that once the settings are recorded, you will not have to reset the device with each new power on. Even when you put your battery to charge, the module will keep your data.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Type de batterie

1x Rechargeable CR123A battery (3.7V) NOT INCLUDED

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