Hacking Module for MAG 2.1 Briefcase


You have a MAG 2.1 Briefcase and want to enhance your gameplay. This hacking module replaces the original module to provide you with new features.

The MAG 2.1 Briefcase becomes even more powerful with our Hacking Module! Offering a more immersive gaming experience, this module is designed for players looking to add an extra strategic dimension to their games.

Simple installation

The installation of this Hacking Module is really simple. You just need to unscrew the 4 screws of your MAG 2.1 suitcase and connect the cable provided for this purpose under the front panel of the suitcase. In a few minutes, your suitcase is ready to unlock new possibilities.

Interact with your briefcase

If you already own a Hacking Device, this module becomes a powerful tool to interact with your MAG 2.1 Briefcase. You will be able to access strategic advantages in different game modes such as CONQUEST, BOMB, or VIP mode. This Hacking module is the perfect complement for passionate gamers looking for more complex challenges and advanced tactical options in their games. Take your gaming experience to a new level with the Hacking Module for MAG 2.1 Briefcase! 

Note: The Hacking Device is not included with this module. Make sure you have the appropriate device to fully take advantage of this extension.

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